30th October 2023

How to keep my dog calm during fireworks

Many pets are affected by fireworks. We reveal our expert tips on how to keep your dog calm during the time of fireworks. It is reported that up to two thirds of all our pets are affected by fireworks; some to a greater degree of stress than others. Your dog may be showing some of these signs of stress or fear during this period: Restlessness in the home – pacing back and forth unable to settle Shaking/trembling Cowering – desperate to find a safe place to hide Excessive barking Walking in the park with your dog “off lead” runs the […]
29th May 2020

Preventing Separation Anxiety with your dog during Covid 19

Top tips on preventing Separation Anxiety with your dog after lockdown   At some point the dynamics of our home life will change completely, as adults go back to work and the kids head off to school. Many dogs will adjust back to the familiar pattern, prior to lockdown, but I also fear many will suffer various levels of anxiety and uncertainty to the suddenness of change.   Possible reasons for concern Home Life   Changes during lockdown in and around our homes Increased activity and presence 24/7 Constant noise and business of people Limited quiet time       […]
7th May 2020

Our Best Tips on Puppy Socialisation during Covid 19

Puppy Socialisation during Covid 19 Here at Best Paw Forward we would like to give you our best tips on how to deal with Puppy Socialisation during Covid 19. During the first 16 weeks of our puppies life, they will go through an important development stage; this is when they learn about their new environment, and if socialisation is approached correctly it will greatly reduce the chances of your puppy developing any fears and phobias at this early stage. Socialisation is not just about getting your puppy playing with other dogs, or introducing them to as many people as possible, […]
10th February 2020

My Puppy’s First Walk

My best tips on preparing for your puppy’s first walk:   Our puppy’s first walk is a special time for all, so lets make sure its filled with special memories for you both to cherish.     When is my puppy safe to go out for their first walk?   Most puppies should be ready for their first steps outside once their vaccination protocol is complete. Please check with your own vet on their protocol, but as a rough guideline it is usually 7-10days post second vaccination. It is important to adhere to these recommendations for the safety of your […]
3rd January 2020

How do I settle my new puppy?

8 Best tips on how to settle my new puppy on their first night home   A new puppy Getting a new puppy is a wonderful experience – and promises many new adventures – but the first few nights of having your puppy at home can be challenging. As experts in dog training, we have some tried-and-tested tips to help you settle your new puppy at home. Please do not panic, we survive and such events are fond distant memories.   How do I settle my new puppy? One of the most challenging times is getting our puppy to settle and […]
6th June 2019

Top Tips on Dog Toys

Best Dog Toys   The World of dog toys is a huge business. All claiming to enhance your new puppy or dogs experience.   It is an exciting time getting a new puppy/dog, with lots of items to purchase; including beds, bowls, collars, harnesses, leads, food, treats and of course toys. We all love to buy gifts for our pets, however, with so much choice around it can be confusing what to buy. At Best Paw Forward, we have many years’ experience in training dogs; and have always believed in the importance of play when training. It is wonderful to […]
15th March 2019

Furbo Dog Camera

This is an advertisement supported by product placement When we were asked to trial the Furbo Dog Camera, we jumped at the chance.  For those of you who haven’t heard about the Furbo, it is a treat dispensing Wi Fi camera, with 2 way audio function.  To add to this it looks very modern and stylish, can be remotely activated and can even send barking or activity alerts to your phone. The Furbo arrived quickly, nicely packaged and even included some dry treats so we could get started right away.   I’m not very technical so the thought of setting it […]
4th March 2019

9 Best Tips on Crate Training your Puppy

9 Best Tips on Crate Training your Puppy   Crate Training for puppies:   Many people worry about using a crate with their new puppies, but crates should never be seen or used as a punishment for your puppies. We take special care and caution when using crates, and we totally understand that it is not for every family to use; however, if you are keen to know more about why, how and when to introduce a crate to your puppy, then please read on:     Why do we use crate training?   Let’s think about a few other […]
14th January 2019

How to introduce my dog to toothbrushing

Introducing my dog to toothbrushing   3 tips on how to introduce my dog to toothbrushing   Having a dog or new puppy has many responsibilities. We make sure they are fed and walked, loved and cared for, building a long and lasting relationship. Our dog’s health is important to us and by brushing our dogs’ teeth you will be greatly improving their general health and well-being. Gum disease in dogs is extremely detrimental to your dog’s health; it is painful and in many severe cases linked to heart and kidney disease. Did you know?  A full general anaesthetic is […]