Tracy Jones VN

Tracy is business partner and co-founder of Best Paw Forward Training.  Only an email or phone call away, Tracy will be your first point of contact, offering you that support and guidance.

Tracy also has a wealth of experience training dogs, having a love of animals for as long as she can remember.  Her experience is deep rooted, previously volunteering in Catteries, Kennels, Riding stables, and a City Farm.  After leaving school Tracy pursued her Veterinary Nurse career qualifying as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 1998.  It was during Tracy’s nursing career that she was able to devote time to create her successful puppy classes, offering that crucial support to all new puppy parents.  Through working with the puppy classes and training her own dogs Tracy caught the training bug and took the difficult decision to leave nursing in 2015, she has never looked back.


Over the years Tracy has continued to ensure that she is kept up to date with current training methods, having completed numerous online and in person courses by leading training experts, including the UK College of Scent Dogs Instructor Course and Sarah Whitehead’s Training for The Future Puppy Instructor Course, as well as courses through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and the Pet Professional Guild.

In 2018 Tracy joined Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Sarah Whitehead BA(Hons), MSc to become a proud Method Licensed Trainer under her Clever Dog Company as well as becoming a member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Tracy shares her home with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who enjoys training and agility and her Husky Cross who loves agility, Rally, Scent Work and Trick training.

Tracy loves helping people understand and work with their dogs in a force free and positive way.  Her aim has always been to enhance the bond that people have with their dogs using modern positive reinforcement training methods and above all show that training can and should be fun for all involved.

Lynn Byford VN

Lynn is business partner and co-founder of Best Paw Forward Training, established in 2014.

It was during Lynn’s earlier career working as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, that Lynn became interested in developing her career in dog behaviour, attending numerous seminars and CPD courses.  This then allowed Lynn to establish behavioural clinics alongside her daily Veterinary Nursing duties.

Lynn is passionate in helping create that special bond and life-long unique relationship between every owner and their dog, with science based, force free, positive reinforcement training methods that are fun and enjoyable for all.

Over the years, Lynn has gained a wealth of personal experience working with a number of breeds and cross breeds with her own rescue dogs and current Labrador.  She is experienced in clicker training, enjoys working and teaching Agility, Flyball, Treibball and Rally Obedience.


In 2018, Lynn was hand-picked by renowned Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Sarah Whitehead BA(Hons),MSc, to become a Method Licensed Trainer under her Clever Dog Company.  Lynn has successfully completed and attended in person many of Sarah Whitehead’s online and practical courses, including the Think Dog! Training Mastery Course in Advanced Practical Training.

Lynn is a member of the Pet Professional Guild; continues to develop her skills attending IMDT seminars, workshops in Tellington TTouch, training and behaviour courses all led by the leading global experts.

Lauren Young IMDT

Lauren joined our team in 2021 and has been around dogs her whole life.  As a teenager she was attending classes with her own dogs before going on to assist new members at classes.  Lauren is eager to further her knowledge in working with and offering that support.

In 2022 Lauren passed her Level 3 in Canine Behaviour and is now also a qualified and accredited dog trainer with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog training).   Lauren is keen to promote modern training methods, ensuring puppies have a positive and supportive start in life.

Lauren has come from a background of working with young children and supporting their behaviours and is looking forward to merging both together.

Over the past couple of years, she has developed a huge interest in encouraging safe and appropriate relationships between young children and their dogs. Lauren is also keen to introduce young handler classes at our training centre to involve children in the process of dog training.

IMDT stamp

She also recognises the importance of teaching children safety and boundaries around dogs and helping the whole family recognise subtle signs from the dogs through their body language.

Lauren is really looking forward to furthering her career as a dog trainer and bringing a variety of fun and positive ways to train your dog!!!