Bespoke Training Sessions

These sessions are all tailored to the individual needs of owner and dog.

We cover a variety of topics from “before you get your new puppy”, “bringing your new puppy home”, “advice and training for you and your new puppy prior to attending puppy class”, “support and advice for new/re-homed dogs”, “general training for owners who prefer to train their dogs at home, or for dogs that the classroom environment is not possible for them”.

We also have a range of expertise on many behavioural problems such as “barking”, “separation anxiety”, “aggression”, “pulling and lunging”, “food guarding” – please just ask.

These are available as either home, park or enclosed field sessions. Session times and topics can vary depending on your needs.

One2one sessons

Pups and their owners are all different, as are their needs, so we have a wide range of packages with something to suit everyone.  We believe that training should start as soon as your puppy is home and therefore highly recommend the bespoke training packages.

We also understand how much time and effort it takes to raise a well adjusted puppy that can fit into your family home, and we would love to help you achieve this.

Training adolescent, adult and rescue dogs can be challenging in a class room environment.  No dog or owner learns when “stressed”.  These packages give you and your dog the best chance for success.  Packages cover training in the comfort of your own home or at our training centre when extra space is required.  These sessions can be tailored to individual training requirements.

Behavioural Package

Behavioural Package

Duration: one x one and a half hour home visit + two x one hour home visits (within six weeks)
Price: £350
Requirements: Completed behavioural questionnaire
Includes: Written report including behavioural modification plan