Vaccination Card

It is important that we see your updated card on your first visit.


A normal collar and training lead is ideal, available to purchase from us (no flexi/extendable leads please). If your dog is used to wearing a harness or headcollar these are also acceptable. NO check/choke chains, prong or shock collars.


These very much depend on your dog. Something tasty, which can be broken easily into tiny pea size pieces is ideal (selection of treats available). Ensure your dog hasn’t just been fed.

Your Clothing

Comfortable footwear.

Pups are like sponges, you can start your training as soon as you get your puppy. They can attend classes once vaccinated.

This is such an important time in your puppies’ development so ensure that they are adequately socialised to all ages/sex of dogs. Good puppy classes will work on a variety of essential life skills.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated including against kennel cough to attend. Puppies attending the first stage classes do not require kennel cough.

Titre tests are accepted but will require a certificate or letter from your vet.

We use modern friendly training methods. Positive reinforcement using a hands off, force free approach.

No one learns in a stressful environment, not all dogs are suited to working in a class room.

We offer one-to-one training both at home and at our training centre.

We offer training sessions in which you drop your dog off at our training centre and we carry out some training.

We have a wide choice of classes. We are happy to discuss your dog’s requirements before your decide on a class. The enjoyment of class for you and your dog is of paramount importance.

Absolutely. Dogs love learning new skills. All our training is done in a friendly, fun way ensuring that the dogs are happy.

No we encourage any breeds over 12/18 months. We have had many breeds from pugs to malamutes.

Classes are kept small and therefore are booked per course. For this reason no refunds are offered due to missed classes. One to one sessions and other fun sessions we require at least 48 hours notice.