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General Training

Puppy Pre-School

Aimed at puppies 10-18wks and must be fully vaccinated.

This is a crucial period of development which starts with the breeder around 2wks to 16wks of age; the importance of socialisation and laying the correct foundations for a happy, confident puppy. During these classes we support you through this phase, creating the skills to train and understand your puppy in a positive and kind way, "force free". The emphasis is on a fun, stress free environment. We cover basic cues sit, down, stand, leave, stay and recalls, as well as topics such as toilet training, play biting, jumping up and many more. (Puppy play sessions available - see below).

Duration: 7 wks/45 mins - £70

Puppy Plus

Approx. 4-6 months, fully vaccinated including kennel cough vaccine.

This is a follow on from the puppy class, developing your training skills with your puppy. Our emphasis in these classes are to give you and your puppy life skill training required to fit into our everyday lives, such as meeting and greeting, loose lead walking, focus to the owner and recall.

Duration: 10 wks/30 mins - £65

dog training glasgow

Primary Level Class

Aimed at all dogs 6months plus with full vaccination history.

This is aimed at our puppies who wish to take their training to the next level. We also find we can include older or rehomed dogs within this class with limited knowledge of training. This level is where training really starts to take off, with greater concentration from the dogs. We continue to cover loose lead walking, recall, stay, leave, doorway manners, jumping up - proofing with distractions.

Duration: 10 wks/30 mins - £65

Secondary & College Level Classes

All dogs over 6months that have completed Primary Level.

Both classes increase in difficulty, advancing both owner and dog to reach higher levels of training, including reliable emergency stops, recalls with distractions, off lead work and many more.

Duration: 10 wks/30 mins - £65

dog training glasgow

Fun Classes

Puppy Play Sessions

Aimed at the 11 - 20 wks and must be fully vaccinated.

Sessions are held indoor at the training unit in Bishopbriggs with a maximum of 8 puppies. This is off lead play with supervision, with a choice of class - small breed only, large breed only, mixed.

Duration: 30 mins - £6 (4 for £20)


Fun agility for all dogs at least 12months of age.

Classes are indoors and suitable for any breed/size of dog. All dogs need to complete an agility taster session (£10) before moving into any of our 5 classes on offer each week.

We limit the class to 4 dogs at a time.

Duration: 30 mins - 6 sessions £45, 10 sessions £70

Intro to Flyball

Available to all dogs at least 12 months of age.

Duration: 4 wks/30 mins - £40, then available to attend weekly sessions.

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We limit the class to 2 dogs at a time.

Duration: 30mins - 6 sessions £45, 10 sessions £70

Intro to Treibball

A fun game that involves teaching your dog to nudge a ball towards you with its nose, to score a goal! Often found to be popular with herding breeds but available to all dogs and their owners wanting to learn something a little bit different.

Duration: 4 wks/30 mins - £40, then available to attend weekly sessions.


We limit the class to 2 dogs at a time.

Duration: 30mins - 6 sessions £45, 10 sessions £70

dog training glasgow

Workshop Classes & Private Tuition

Clicker Workshops

Available to all puppies/dogs. Full vaccination history.

Clicker training can be a useful aid in regular training with dogs. It can be started at any age with huge benefits to those aiming for slightly more challenging levels of training with their dogs.

Durations: 5 wks/30 mins - £50 includes free clicker

One to One Sessions

These sessions are all tailored to the individual needs of owner and dog.

We cover a variety of topics from "before you get your new puppy", "bringing your new puppy home", "advice and training for you and your new puppy prior to attending puppy class", "support and advice for new/re-homed dogs", "general training for owners who prefer to train their dogs at home, or for dogs that the classroom environment is not possible for them".

We also have a range of expertise on many behavioural problems such as "barking", "separation anxiety", "aggression", "pulling and lunging", "food guarding" - please just ask.

These are available as either home visits or at our training centre. Session times and topics can vary depending on your needs.

dog training glasgow

New Puppy Package

1 hr home visit, followed by our 7 wk puppy class - £120.

New Dog/Re-homed Dog Package

Initial 1 hr consultation, follow by 2, 30 mins appointments all at our training centre £100.

Behavioural Package

Initial 1 1/2 hr consultation with written report, follow up with a 45 mins appointment arranged within 4 wks £150

Specialist Workshops

These are run throughout the year, please see our news page or check out "Facebook" for details of current workshops being run.

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