Best Start Puppy Program

Includes: Over 80 videos, 80 + handouts and 4 Ebooks
Price: £60

Teach your puppy using methods which will help to build relationship based around trust and understanding.  This self paced home study course allows you to start from the moment you bring your puppy home.  Contains over 80 lessons on important topics such as

  • Learning vital management techniques for toilet training, preventing puppy biting, crate training and more
  • Basic training lessons for sit, down, leave, focus as well as introduction to walking and recall
  • Learn to understand your pup’s body language
  • Enrichment ideas
  • Ideas for socialisation and field trips
  • Option to upgrade to include zoom sessions
  • So much more

Further details including a full list of lessons covered and video previews can be found via our online school at

EBook – Guide to the perfect puppy

Price: £0

Download our Ebook and learn some tips on raising a dream puppy

Expectant Puppy Parent

Includes: Over 12 videos
Price: £27

Bringing a puppy into your home is a huge and emotional decision to make.  This course helps answer some of those questions you may have flying around in your head as well as giving advice and ideas on those first few nights after bringing puppy home.

Access is via our online school

Preventing Separation Anxiety Following Lockdown

Price: £0

Easy to follow self study course helping to put some measures in place as we emerge from lockdown and perhaps start leaving our dogs at home alone more.  Access is via our online school

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