Training with Friends

Course Information

  • Duration: 5 x one hour sessions (within eight weeks)
  • Price: £349
  • Suitable Age:  6 month +
  • Vaccinations: Must be fully vaccinated
New Puppy Package

This package gives you the opportunity to increase your training skills with a group of friends, up to a maximum of 3 dogs.  Allowing you to arrange the sessions at a time that suits, within your local environment while splitting the cost.

Some of the topics people look to cover include

  • Loose lead/heel work
  • Recall with distractions
  • Meeting and greeting skills
  • Reducing jumping up
  • Lowering arousal using scent work skills

One2one Package –

Walking nicely on a Lead & Recall

Package Information

  • Duration: 4 weeks with 45 minute sessions
  • Price:  £248
  • Suitable: over 6mths
  • Vaccinations: Must be fully vaccinated

This one2one package covers two of the important training challenges associated with young/adolescent dogs.  Working with your trainer you will focus on improving those lead walking and recall skills.

Teaching your dog to walk nicely on a lead is an important skill that some take for granted and others think that there is no way to achieve it.  We are here to show you that with a little hard work and practice you both can walk in harmony and above all start to enjoy your walks again.

The 2nd challenge covered in this package is teaching your dog to return when called.  Often people comment that they can manage this unless there is a distraction, at which point all training goes out the window.

Sound familiar?  This is course for you

Also includes access to our online video library to help you practice and keep the momentum going.

Group Courses

Course Information

  • Duration: 
  • Price: 
  • Suitable:  over 6 months
  • Vaccinations: Must be fully vaccinated

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Please contact us for up to date training options

Group courses covering lead walking and recall skills will be back in the spring.  Simply get in touch for up to date details or to be added to our waiting list.